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CLICK HERE FOR "Off-the-Charts" website!

If you want training, you should check out "Big Picture Training" there too!

Fast-Calc, No learning curve, no manuals, just the simple basics. It's like this website, no frills, Java, cookies or bulls%$t, and look how fast it loaded! FastCalc is like that.

Fast-Calc - Possibly the fastest residential HVAC load calculation software available!

Does oversizing a/c units affect the SEER rating??
It sure does! Click here for the chart!

You say no one has the time for Manual J heat load calculations!

Forget about Manual J long form or complex heat load calculation programs, if you just need a quick check on a questionable install.

This never needed to be rocket-science.
FastCalc has everything you need to get a good feel for the air-conditioning tonnage needs in a home, on a simple program. Here it is!

And you don't have to learn or read anything.
(But we do have that available too! See Big Picture link above.)

Use the big complicated programs for your design load calculation jobs,
or when the code officials are breathing down your neck....
But use Fast-calc for all the others!

And did you know a 3-ton unit won't always work on a 3-ton load calc?
Check the Off-the-Charts link above!

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